I'm what you call a classic "triple threat": writer, geek, librarian.


I live in Cleveland, Ohio with my family of one wife, two daughters and three dogs. Due to the complexity of family life, I have learned to write pretty much anywhere. Gone are the days of ritualistic preparations before I could put pen to paper. In fact, gone are pen and paper. I have written on my phone waiting in line at the supermarket, or during lunch. I work on cultivating creativity in moments both short and long. I no longer allow myself to think, "I only have a twenty minutes. I can't get in the mood and get anything done in that little time." From time to time, I will share the tools that I use on this site in hopes they might prove beneficial to others.

My approach to writing is simple. I write the characters that compel me to write their stories. I've written entire novels based on an idea for a plot, but where the characters did not demand a voice, those stories fail. Usually, my stories are centered around a close relationship between two characters with everything else built off of it. In Nothing Left to Mend, the relationship between a father and daughter is at the center of the story. The aftermath of an explosion at a steel mill strains every relationship in the fictional town of Verton, PA, but the plot is centered around Glenn Dempster and his young daughter Heather.

In my upcoming novel The Work Wife, the complicated, close-knit relationship between two long-time colleagues is the skeleton for a murder mystery. When one half of a professional team is murdered, all suspicions fall on his "work wife," who finds herself struggling to unravel the truth before she finds herself caught in the same snare.

I write across many genres, and I'm not much for pen names. I'd rather readers know me for all that I write.


I work in IT. One of my latest hobbies is small electronics projects that include the Raspberry Pi and arduino. I was one of those 12 year olds who learned to program BASIC on Commodore 64s and Apple IIs, but succeeded in forgetting just about all of it. My main interest in these projects is, beyond the fact that they are fun, I want my daughters to get deeper exposure to technology than what most commercial products allow. I believe that such knowledge is critical for the future as advances in robotics, A.I., and management structures will mean all sorts of jobs that one couldn't imagine being replaced with by a technological surrogate will be. I even code a little. So, I may share a build or two, or other technological developments that pique my interest.


I'm a librarian who with a lot of experiece with electronic content. I've created local ebooks, studied how ebooks are used in libraries, and spent a lot of time thinking about the future relationship between these institutions and their communities. Much of that work is on the libraryland stuff page.