A journey begins: on writing and publishing

For me, the most important part of writing is exploring relationships between characters, be they healthy, destructive or somewhere in between. I think every story that I've ever written is a framework built around a relationship between two characters. This certainly is the case with Nothing Left to Mend.

This novel began many years ago when I was working in the information industry, and found myself working with trade journals for the metals industries. The idea began with a town haunted by a mysterious death surrounding an industrial accident. It was informed by the stories I read about protracted battles between unions and companies, which manifested in a local, small-town realpolitik. I knew that in the middle of it would be law enforcement. As a new father, I saw a police chief with a daughter, and that their relationship would be critical to the development of the story.

Verton, itself, is a fictional town, based on some experiences when my parents moved to Greenville, PA, for a couple of years -- although it had no steel mill.

I have published via Amazon.com for ebooks, and CreateSpace.com for print versions. The tools were relatively easy to use. Don't ask me for an evaluation of all of the available tools, however. There are many options out there; but if you want to sell ebooks, you have to be on Amazon. Why? Hardware. The dedicated ereader is almost dead. The market is tablets, and as any tablet can have a Kindle app, through Amazon you can reach the most readers.

Right now the ebook is only available for the Kindle, but that likely will soon change.

In addition to novels, you will find some short stories on my site, available for free. All I ask, whatever you read of mine, please review it on Amazon and Goodreads.

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Thanks for reading.